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Pickleball Memberships 

Pickleball memberships allow members to purchase court time at a discounted rate; packages for pickleball membership holders are indicated below

Welcome to KAC Pickleball,


You are not required to have a membership at the KAC to play Pickleball, however, if you plan on playing twice a week through the Fall/Winter season our membership option is the most economical and accessible option for Pickleball in the Ottawa region.  No waiting by the computer at midnight to book your playing time!!  Our membership is capped at 120 and you will have plenty of opportunities to play.  


To join our Pickleball play please email the club at and request to be added to our Bench App playing group.  Invitations will be sent via email to members 7 days prior to play and non-members 3-days prior to play.  There is no cost for members to play in our “Open Play” programs and the cost for non-members is $15.  Non-members can pay for their session via the following Link:

Mind and Body Online

2024/25 Membership Offering


In 2019 the KAC updated the gymnasium flooring system to include Pickleball.  At the outset the intention was to offer Pickleball as a seasonal program, however, the demands of the sport have steadily directed us towards a year-round option.  For 2024/25 the club will be offering an annual membership for Pickleball.  Membership will be capped at 120 players ensuring numerous playing opportunities for all our members.


Although members can join at any time our renewal discount will be offered annually during the month of May.  


Annual Membership $699.00 


Returning member discount $100 ends May 31st 2024 (Up Front Membership Purchase)


Non-member playing fee’s $15.00 Walk In (scheduled to increase)


Member Court Rentals $2.50/hr per person/4 players on court min.


Non-Member $7.50/hr per person/4 players on court min.


All Pricing Is Plus HST


Membership Benefits


3 regulation courts with 365 day a year access—no closures!


With our scan in system members and non-members can access the  Pickleball courts 365 days a year with no closures.  Although the club may use the courts from time to time for special events Pickleball will be rescheduled on that day so you will always have a chance to play!


Our 2023/24 Pickleball schedule is below.  We will update the schedule October 1/2024

Pickleball Schedule

Terms and Conditions

Pre-paid packages are valid for 365 days from date of purchase with a valid membership

Court Fees: Court fee's apply to one player, per 1/hr of play. Court fees are charged for the exclusive use of the pickleball court. Pickleball court fees are charged on an hourly basis. Players or groups are charged for the amount of time they use the court. Court hours can be used within a couples membership. Court fee's are based on 4+ players per court.

Court Reservation: If you want to secure a specific time slot, you need to reserve. This fee helps manage court availability and ensures that players can play at their preferred times.


Membership vs. Non-Membership: Membership involves a monthly fee and includes benefits like reduced court fees, access to other amenities and booking priority. Membership holders have 7-day court booking privileges.

Drop-In Play: You can drop-in for play without a reservation however you must register at the front desk. The use of the available courts is on a first-come, first-served basis and only available for drop-in when the front desk is attended. 

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