• ​Games are played to 11. 

  • When 3 courts are in use, the following guidelines will take place to ensure continuous play.

  • More pickleball to be added to the schedule in the coming weeks. 

  • The first two hours, two baskets will be provided. There will be a winners basket and a non-winners basket.

  • All four players will exit the court following a game, and are to place the paddles in the corresponding basket.

  • When a court becomes available, the first four players from the basket marked by a clothes pin shall proceed to the open court. At this time, the clothes pin will be moved to the other basket. 

  • During the third hour of open play the club will introduce a third challenge basket.

  • Players who wish to challenge one another can place their paddles in the challenge basket, and wait in the queue for an open court.