***Open Play***

Only $5.00 for non-members

Please refer to the schedule below to see times available.

*** all open play times may be changed


  • Please observe physical distancing measures (2 metres apart) inside the club when not playing Pickleball.

  • Please wear a mask. Please keep your mask on until you are on the court and ready to play. Masks are to be worn at all times when not playing Pickleball.

  • Please sanitize your hands immediately upon entering the facility. Hand sanitizer is provided through out the club.

  • Upon entering the club, please remove outdoor shoes and proceed directly to the gymnasium.

  • Please pick up your individual disinfecting cloth at the front desk on your way to the gymnasium. This coth is to be used to wipe down your "touch points" while in the facility.

  • To ensure traffic flow at our entrance/exit, please put your indoor playing shoes on in the gymnasium. There are 3 benches in the gymnasium and each has been marked with a yellow "X" to indicate safe spacing. Please wipe down the benches after use. 

  • Please sanitize your hands thoroughly often and every time you leave the gymnasium.

  • a maximum of 3 people permitted in the bath room/change room.