1. Please practice social distancing at all times. (2 meters or 6 feet apart)

  2. Please wear a mask at all times when moving throughout the club.  Masks can be removed on cardio equipment and at each strength training station on the black mats.  Although not required while on equipment the KAC recommend wearing a mask at all times when exercising

  3. Please sanitize your hands between workout stations/equipment.  Sanitizer is provided throughout the club.

  4. Please wipe down the equipment upholstery and anywhere your hands have contacted the equipment after each use.  Cloths are provided at the front desk.  PLEASE DO NOT SHARE.  

  5. Please swipe your access card each time you ENTER and EXIT the facility.

  6. 3 People maximum allowed in the change room/bathroom area.  Place your access card on hooks outside the change rooms so those entering know how many are there.

  7. Lockers are not to be used for day use.  Long term rental only.

  8. Showers are not available at this time

Guidelines Will Change Daily.  Please Make Yourself Aware Of Any Changes Each Time You Enter The Facility.  Failure To Abide By Our Guidelines Will Result In Suspension And/Or Termination Of Membership.