My fitness journey started at Curves, in my mid teens, and became a habit that has stuck with me my entire life. It became an outlet during “that” stage in my life when I wanted to be comfortable with my body and also learn more about myself; I wanted to know more about my strengths and weakness, and just how determined I could be. Over the years, it has become so much more than that… it gave me confidence, helped me through difficult times, and now it has made me so in-tune with my body that I can truly say that I love the skin I’m in.

In 2014, shortly after having my first child, I started managing a Yoga Studio, where I became a Certified Yoga Teacher and PiYo Instructor and when I realized my love for helping/leading others began. For the past 6 years, I have been teaching Yoga and PiYo, (off and on between having another child and being a full-time mom) and became a Personal Trainer just over a year ago. Every day I am blessed to meet new people who are on, or beginning, their personal journey of self-transformation; I get to help them set goals; determine/realize & acknowledge what their hindrances and weaknesses are, and am able to provide them with the knowledge and motivation they need in-order to, not only, overcome past obstacles, but crush them 😉…I get to know them, as they learn more about themselves, and, without a doubt, that is my passion.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to fitness, that is true, and when it comes to life & fitness, variety is key, which is what I specialize in, and work on, with my clients; from Functional Fitness, Circuit Training, HIIT, Yoga, PiYo, Weight Training, and Natural Health Solutions/Suggestions, I do it all! And love every minute of it. 

The self transformation journey isn’t always enjoyable; it’s not always easy, in fact, sometimes it’s really hard; at times you may feel defeated and like you want to give up, but I can tell you this: Do NOT give up! It gets easier! You will be amazed at your strength; you will be in awe of your determination level, and you will learn to love yourself truly, madly, deeply. Inside and out.


“If it doesn’t challenge you, then it won’t change you”