Why the Kenwood Athletic Development program?

Living in the Ottawa Valley can sometimes make it challenging to find the right strength and conditioning program for young athletes. At the Kenwood Athletic Club (KAC) we offer a unique evidence-based training program developed through scientific research and over 20 years of experience working with young athletes. Parents and coaches will always be the biggest influence on young athletes and we take great responsibility in our role as the Strength and Conditioning coach. Many young athletes who participate in our programs do so with a specific sport in mind. However, specializing in a specific sport at too young an age can prove to be more detrimental than helpful to the overall development of the athlete. Numerous articles published in Journals such as the American Journal of Sport Medicine, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the National Strength and Conditioning Association support a more balanced approach to developing young athletes. Here at the KAC we support this initiative and have incorporated a more balanced approach to athletic development. 

Age-Appropriate Training

Our Director of Operations, Doug Cavanagh, H.B. Kin, has been providing testing and training services for over 20 years. Through experience, current research, and expert opinion the club has developed age-appropriate training for the following age groups.  A good rule of thumb for how much youth should be participating in sports and training is 1 hour per week for each year in age.  (eg. 13 year old/13 hours per week)

  1. Introduction to Athletic Development—Ages 8-12*

  2. Foundations of Athletic Development—Ages 12-16*

  3. Elite Athletic Development—Ages 16-23

Fitness Assessment

What sets us apart from most programs is our fitness assessment.  This assessment monitors the body’s response to exercise, it is specific to each athlete, and provides an evidence-based approach necessary to create an individualized program.  In most cases this type of testing can only be found in a high performance lab but thanks to technology we do it right here at the KAC.  Our fitness-assessment outlines what each young athlete requires to build a strong athletic foundation and is a crucial step in determining what can be built upon it.  Foundations come first, allowing young athletes the ability to build upon them, and take their sport to the next level.  The fitness assessment eliminates guesswork and is the basis to where our program begins.

Dynamic Warm-up

Athleticism is developed by putting the body through different patterns of movement. It is well documented that participation in activities outside of their “specialized sport” provides young athletes the opportunity to develop athleticism.  One of the more unique components of the KAC is our large gymnasium.  As part of our balanced approach prior to each workout, participants will be put through a dynamic warm-up by participating in different sports like squash, basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, and football.  This component is always a favourite amoung participants and having fun while developing into a more rounded athlete is just another added benefit of our programs.


Sport Flex

Flexibility is a measured component of physical fitness and helps contribute to an athlete’s ability to remain injury free.  Our Sport Flex program has its roots in the practice of yoga and teaches participants how to improve flexibility, not just sustain it.  Sport Flex classes are offered once a week and are a requirement for all participants.

Required equipment: 1 pair of indoor cross-training shoes

Suggested equipment: heart rate monitor with GPS

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