Access Card Membership Contract

   The use of the 24 Hour Access Card is a membership privilledge for members of the Kenwood Athletic Club.  You will abide by the established rules and regulations.  Failure to abide by the rules and regulations set out below will result in immediate cancellation of the access card and/or membership.

1)    YOU are the ONLY person authorized to use YOUR card.

2)   YOU will report any abuses of the rules of our facility including suspected unauthorized access.

3)   YOU are aware of and will follow the posted rules and regulations of the facility during your after hours use of it.

4)   All decisions made by the Kenwood Athletic Club regarding after hours use of the facility are final.

5)   YOU hereby release and hold harmless the Kenwood  Athletic Club, its agents, officers, employees, and affiliated companies from liability with respect to injury to you or your property arising from use of the facilities after hours.

$20 Deposit on all 24 Hour Access Cards